who am i?

i’m cameron, i’ve coached 2 separate people. outcomes have been good. i’m deeply good at listening and getting people to talk about their work lives.

  • i would describe my job as maximizing your ability to be agentic and act intelligently on your desires
  • together we’ll debug emotional points that feel vague and confusing.
  • i have, through my practice, developed a list of strategies and modalities than seem to help people
  • in my practice, radical honesty and commitment are the biggest priorities, from you and from me. the only failure mode is us falling out of touch, or one of us not bringing our honest experience and thoughts to our meetings. i’ll let you know if i think you’re full of bullshit, or if i think you’re onto something. you let me know the same. often, people ignore the feeling of disconnect between coach/therapist and client. and that’s just a way of wasting money, because your feeling is usually going to be somewhat telling of reality. by listening to these signals, we are able to stay conceptually and emotionally grounded in our work together.

what do i offer that’s special or unique?

  • i’m goal-first. either we get you to give up the goal or complete it as quickly as possible. therapists are usually person-first, and often refuse to interact with your goals as if they’re real priorities. there’s a lot of value in this, but sometimes you just want things done. your goal will never supercede your wellbeing, but it will be the focus of our sessions, and any personal work we do will be in service of your goal.
  • i’m someone you can talk to about the emotional side of your job that’s not your boss or therapist. bosses can’t talk about the emotional side, and often, for strategic reasons, it’s unadvisable to fully show up with your concerns and desires to your boss. it’s often advantageous to strategically share or withhold information from them.
  • i’m you-aligned. basically, what is good for you will be good for me. we can change our meeting structure, or how we communicate outside of meeting hours, or the tone or content of our discussions based off what seems like will be useful for you. i have modalities that i gravitate towards, but i’m happy to try pretty much anything with you!

who are you?

you have a problem with your job or personal project. you need help navigating it. examples:

  • you can’t focus at work and it’s impacting your performance
  • you keep procrastinating on your personal project
  • you’re having a hard time negotiating work-life balance with your manager
  • you have a goal and you need someone to hold you accountable and be with you every step of the way

what are your prices?

while i operate on a sliding scale, my current pricing is $80/session. this is cheaper than a lot of out-of-network therapists, and not too much more than some copays for in-network therapists. if you can’t afford this and think you might really benefit from this kind of coaching, i’m happy to talk more and see what we can agree upon.


Btw I haven’t told u guys yet but [Cameron] has been coaching me to write my PhD thesis for the last two months. It’s been life-changing. I went from “if I get anything done this week it’s a victory” to “I consistently get 30min a day, and regularly 1-2h”. His help has increased my agency manifold. Most concretely, we’ve been having ~weekly calls. Every time we clarify where I’m at and what needs unblocking, and often we iterate on small things I can try to unblock myself. Every call has been super grounding, and we’ve come up with many cute ideas that made a big impact. Most high-impact:

  • charge phone far from bed
  • work for 5min even if unpleasant
  • make a big 2d todo-list with dependencies
  • try to keep my past selves in awareness to preserver trust between me and my future selves

We probably tried 5x more that didn’t catch. And the reason we got there is that I feel we’re on the same team. If I fail to work for a bit I feel no shame telling him. I know he’ll support whatever’s meaningful to me. He hooked me by tweeting “are you having a hard time sticking to the thing you want to do? I can help”. He has never done a PhD but he’s been super helpful. If that inspires any of u, give him a dm he’s super friendly. His help has been a blessing. ty [Cameron].

– @UntilTrees on Twitter